• EEV博客#1311 –示波器可以缩小吗?

    Zooming in is easy, but can your oscilloscope zoom OUT? A look at the results of differences in scope acquisition architecture, and fixed vs auto memory depth. And what’s the difference between the STOP button and the SINGLE button? 论坛 : //www.163115.com/forum/testgear/oscilloscope-zoom-out-quirk/ Podcast: Download

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    EEV博客#1310 –5G USB BioShield骗局!

    5G USB BioShield是明显的SCAM。请将此视频与Facebook群组以及您看到此欺诈宣传的其他地方共享。视频的第二部分即将在我的第二个频道中播放。看看5G BioShield,这是一种具有神奇力量的USB记忆棒,它可以...

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    EEV博客#1308– 1970’的Intel MCS-85 8085设计套件

    Will a 1970’s era Intel 8085 design kit power up after 40 years? A look at the Intel MCS-85 System Design Kit and some vintage computer and processor history. Subscribe on Library: //lbry.tv/@eevblog:7 论坛 : //www.163115.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1308-1970s-intel-mcs-85-8085-design-kit/ Podcast: Download

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