• EEV博客#1244 – 邮袋

    More 邮袋 ! 论坛 这里 SPOILERS: 邮袋 SPAM! Arizona If it smells like chicken, you’re holding it wrong. 2:57 //www.tympan.org Open source hardware audio hearing development system. 11:20 Circuit Scribe conductive ink learning kit //www.circuitscribe.com/ 24:20 Sony RM-440 video editing unit teardown 30:42 Pulse Sensor //www.pulsesensor.com 31:36 DIY Mouse Kit //github.com/biomurph/Mouse ...

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    EEV博客#1240 – Tandy In The 1980’s

    Go back in time to 1980 and a look at what consumer electronics and parts were available from Tandy in the UK. 1980’s Tandy Voice Recognition Chip: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFth9K_IvwA Dick Smith’s new channel: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=80seR-2BPyk 论坛 这里 Podcast: Download

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